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Mutual Funds

We offer range of mutual fund products and advisory to fulfil all your financial needs.

Insurance Advisory

Our insurance advisory services are designed to help you navigate every stage of your life.


Our financing solutions help you sustaining emergency and maintaining financial flexibility.

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Portfolio Analysis

We assess your investments and analyze its performance.

Wealth Planning

Our wealth planning services help you achieve your financial goals.

Investment Advisory

Investment advisory that suits your risk appetite and growth requirements.

Financial Consultancy

Focus on growing your assets while we cover your risks.

Since we have come to existence, we’ve been focusing on one thing: helping people achieve their financial goals. As a new age wealth manager, we understand your needs, and take the long view when it comes to your assets. Whether you’re starting a company, planning for your retirement, or want to ensure your loved ones will be taken care of in the future; our experts will help find the solution that is right for you.

Our comprehensive financial services are designed for astute professionals seeking effective wealth management solutions.

We specialize in offering personalized wealth management, meticulous investment portfolio analysis, and expert insurance advisory services. Our focus is on empowering working professionals and retired individuals with strategic financial planning tailored to their unique goals.

With our deep expertise in mutual fund investments and a robust approach to insurance advisory, we stand as a beacon of trust and authority in the financial sector.

Bihog Fincorp has always been bullish on India. Today, as we witness the remarkable ascent of the Indian economy, it presents an unimaginable opportunity for investors. India’s vibrant capital markets are a testament to its economic resilience and growth potential, making it an ideal landscape for investment.

Investing in India’s diverse capital markets, you not only contribute to this economic success story but also position your investment portfolio for potentially higher returns. This is a golden era for investors to be part of India’s dynamic growth journey, where innovation, development, and financial prosperity are at the forefront.

Invest in India’s growth; Invest in your future!